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Proceedings of the Third Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2016 5-6 December 2016, Napoli
a cura di Anna Corazza, Simonetta Montemagni, Giovanni Semeraro

collana Collana dell'Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale
anno di pubblicazione 2016
pp. 317
ISBN pdf 9788899982089
DOI 10.4000/books.aaccademia.1666

The annual conference CLIC–it (''Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics'') is an initiative of the ''Italian Association of Computational Linguistics'' (AILC – www.ai-lc.it) which is intended to meet the need for a national and international forum for the promotion and dissemination of high-level original research in the field of Computational Linguistics (CL), with particular emphasis on Italian. The volume gathers the Proceedings of the ''Third Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics'' (CLiC–it 2016), held in Naples on 5-6 December 2016. The CLiC–it 2016 papers cover a wide range of topics in the area of computational linguistics and natural language (both written and spoken) processing, by targeting state–of–art theoretical results, experimental methodologies, technologies and application perspectives, and by addressing challenges, open issues and new perspectives related to current and novel trends of the discipline.

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Simonetta Montemagni, Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale “Antonio Zampolli”, CNR.

Giovanni Semeraro. Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro”

Abel-Glaznieks-Nicolas et al., An extended version of the KoKo German L1 Learner corpus

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Alfieri-Tamburini, (Almost) Automatic Conversion of the Venice Italian Treebank into the Merged Italian Dependency Treebank Format

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Alfter-Bizzoni, Hybrid Language Segmentation for Historical Documents

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Alicante-Corazza-Isgrò et al., Relation mining from clinical records

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Alicante-Corazza-Pironti, Twitter Sentiment Polarity Classification using Barrier Features

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Baiamonte-Caselli-Prodanof, Annotating Content Zones in news articles

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Barlacchi-Abad-Rossinelli et al., Appetitoso: A Search Engine for Restaurant Retrieval based on Dishes

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P. Basile-V. Basile-Cabrio et al., Argument Mining on Italian News Blogs

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P. Basile-Caputo-Luisi et al., Diachronic Analysis of the Italian Language exploiting Google Ngram

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Benotto-Giovannetti-Marchi, Investigating the Application of Distributional Semantics to Stylometry

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Bogers-Bordea-Buitelaar et al., IR Scientific Data: How to Semantically Represent and Enrich Them

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Bompolas-Ferro-Marzi et al., Reassessing inflectional regularity in Modern Greek conjugation

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Bottini-Casasanto-Nadalini et al., Stepping out of the Chinese Room: Word meaning with and without consciousness

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Bracchi-Caselli-Prodanof, Enrichring the Ita-TimeBank with Narrative Containers

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Caruso-De Meo-Vitale, Increasing information accessibility on the Web: a rating system for specialized dictionaries

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Chatterjee-Gebremelak-Negri et al., Online Automatic Post-Editing across Domains

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Corazza-Maggio-Scanniello, A new dataset for source code comment coherence

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Corino-Russo, Parsing di corpora di apprendenti di italiano: un primo studio su VALICO

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CLiCit2016-18 0,00
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Croce-Filice-Basili, Nystrom Methods for Efficient Kernel-Based Methods for Community Question Answering

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Del Tredici-Nissim-Zaninello, Tracing metaphors in time through self-distance in vector spaces

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CLiCit2016-20 0,00
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Di Nunzio-Maistro-Zilio, Gamification for IR: The Query Aspects Game

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Esposito-Corazza-Cutugno, Topic Modelling with Word Embeddings.

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Fantini, Spammare senza pieta - Corpus based analysis of English, unacclimatised verb loans in Italian and creation of a reference lexicon

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Feltracco-Jezek-Magnini et al., LICO: A Lexicon of Italian Connectives

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Ferro-Cardillo-Pirrelli et al., Written word production and lexical self-organisation: evidence from English (pseudo)compounds

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Franzon-Arcara-Zanini, Lexical categories or frequency effects? A feedback from quantitative methods applied to psycholinguistic models in two studies on Italian

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Frey-Glaznieks-Stemle, The DiDi Corpus of South Tyrolean CMC Data: A multilingual corpus of Facebook texts

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CLiCit2016-27 0,00
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Gregori-Panunzi-Ravelli, Linking IMAGACT ontology to BabelNet through action videos

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Guglielmi-Basile-Curci et al., Sentiment Analysis: applicazione in un dominio psico-forense

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Lavelli, Comparing State-of-the-art Dependency Parsers on the Italian Stanford Dependency Treebank

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Lieto-Mensa-Radicioni, Taming Sense Sparsity: a Common-Sense Approach

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Litta-Passarotti-Culy, Formatio formosa est. Building a Word Formation Lexicon for Latin.

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Logozzo, Sequenze N+pN (nome comune + nome proprio): descrizione linguistica da un corpus dell’italiano

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Mancuso-De Martino-Laudanna, Semantic priming effects in Italian verbs recognition: the role of grammatical classes and semantic categories

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Mazzei, Building a computational lexicon by using SQL

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Minard-Speranza-Magnini et al., Semantic Interpretation of Events in Live Soccer Commentaries

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Monti-Sangati-Chiusaroli et al., Emojitalianobot and EmojiWorldBot - New online tools and digital environments for translation into emoji

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Moretti-Sprugnoli-Tonelli, KD Strikes Back: from Keyphrases to Labelled Domains Using External Knowledge Sources

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CLiCit2016-38 0,00
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Orletti-Dell'Orletta-Iovino, La leggibilità dei testi di ambito medico rivolti al paziente: il caso dei bugiardini di farmaci senza obbligo di prescrizione medica

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CLiCit2016-39 0,00
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Passaro-Bondielli-Lenci, FB-NEWS15: A Topic-Annotated Facebook Corpus for Emotion Detection and Sentiment Analysis

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Passarotti-Budassi, May the Goddess of Hope Help Us. Homonymy in Latin Lexicon and Onomasticon

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Pezzelle-Sorodoc-Herbelot et al., Imparare a quantificare guardando

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CLiCit2016-42 0,00
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Piccini-Bellandi-Benotto et al., La Modellazione Diacronica di Risorse Termino-Ontologiche nell'Ambito delle Digital Humanities: Esperimenti su Clavius

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CLiCit2016-43 0,00
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Pieri-Brunato-Dell'Orletta, Studio sull’ordine dei costituenti nel confronto tra generi e complessità

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CLiCit2016-44 0,00
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Ponti-Jezek-Magnini, Grounding the Lexical Sets of Causative-Inchoative Verbs with Word Embedding

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CLiCit2016-45 0,00
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Rodda-Senaldi-Lenci, Panta Rei: Tracking Semantic Change with Distributional Semantics in Ancient Greek

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CLiCit2016-46 0,00
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Russo-Pisano-Soria, Sardinian on Facebook: Analysing Diatopic Varieties through Translated Lexical Lists

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Senaldi-Lebani-Lenci, Determining the Compositionality of Noun-Adjective Pairs with Lexical Variants and Distributional Semantics

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CLiCit2016-48 0,00
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Sulis-Bosco-Patti et al., Subjective Well-Being and Social Media. A Semantically Annotated Twitter Corpus on Fertility and Parenthood

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Tamburini, (Better than) State-of-the-Art PoS-tagging for Italian Texts

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Taslimipoor-Desantis-Cherchi et al., Language resources for Italian: towards the development of a corpus of annotated Italian multiword expressions

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Tonelli-Palmero Aprosio-Saltori, SIMPITIKI: a Simplification corpus for Italian

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Tusa-Dell'Orletta-Montemagni et al., Dieci sfumature di marcatezza sintattica: verso una nozione computazionale di complessità

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CLiCit2016-53 0,00
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Uva-Moschitti, Tree Kernels-based Discriminative Reranker for Italian Constituency Parsers

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Vanzo-Croce-Basili et al., Context-aware Spoken Language Understanding for Human Robot Interaction

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