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Proceedings of the Second Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2015 3-4 December 2015, Trento
a cura di Cristina Bosco, Sara Tonelli, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto

collana Collana dell'Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale
anno di pubblicazione 2015
pp. 285
ISBN pdf 9788899200626
DOI 10.17454/992006200

CLiC-it 2015 is held in Trento on December 3-4 2015, hosted and locally organized by Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), one the most important Italian research centers for what concerns CL. The organization of the conference is the result of a fruitful conjoint effort of different research groups (Università di Torino, Università di Roma Tor Vergata and FBK) showing the nationwide spreading of CL in Italy. As in the first edition, the main aim of the event is at establishing a reference forum on CL, covering all the aspects needed to describe the multi-faceted and cross-disciplinary reality of the involved research topics and of the Italian community working in this area. Indeed the spirit of CLiC-it is inclusive, in order to build a scenario as much as possible comprehensive of the complexity of language phenomena and approaches to address them, bringing together researchers and scholars with different competences and skills and working on different aspects according to different perspectives.

The large number of researchers that have decided to present their work at CLiC-it and the number of directions here investigated are proof of the maturity of our community and a promising indication of its vitality. We received a total of 64 paper submissions, out of which 52 have been accepted to appear in the Conference Proceedings, which are available online and on the OpenEdition platform. Overall, we collected 129 authors from 15 countries.

Sara Tonelli, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento

Angster, Bolzano/Bozen Corpus: Coding Information about the Speaker in IMDI Metadata Structure

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CLIC2015-01 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-01)

Attardi-Cozza-Sartiano, Detecting the scope of negations in clinical notes

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CLIC2015-02 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-02)

Attardi-Gorrieri-Miaschi-Petrolito, Deep Learning for Social Sensing from Tweets

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CLIC2015-03 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-03)

Attardi-Saletti-Simi, Evolution of Italian Treebank and Dependency Parsing towards Universal Dependencies

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CLIC2015-04 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-04)

Barbagli-Lucisano-Dell'Orletta-Montemagni-Venturi, CItA: un Corpus di Produzioni Scritte di Apprendenti l’Italiano L1 Annotato con Errori

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CLIC2015-05 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-05)

Basile-Caputo-Semeraro, Entity Linking for Italian Tweets

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CLIC2015-06 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-06)

P.Basile-V.Basile-Nissim-Novielli, Deep Tweets: from Entity Linking to Sentiment Analysis

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CLIC2015-07 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-07)

Bizzoni-Del Gratta-Boschetti-Reboul, Enhancing the Accuracy of Ancient GreekWordNet by Multilingual Distributional Semantics

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CLIC2015-08 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-08)

Bonadiman-Severyn-Moschitti, Deep Neural Networks for Named Entity Recognition in Italian

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CLIC2015-09 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-09)

Bond-Bonansinga, Exploring Cross-Lingual Sense Mapping in a Multilingual Parallel Corpus

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CLIC2015-10 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-10)

Brunato-Dell'Orletta, ISACCO: a corpus for investigating spoken and written language development in Italian school–age children

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CLIC2015-11 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-11)

Cabrio-Villata, Inconsistencies Detection in Bipolar Entailment Graphs

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CLIC2015-12 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-12)

Castellucci-Croce-Basili, A Graph-based Model of Contextual Information in Sentiment Analysis over Twitter

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CLIC2015-13 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-13)

Cecchini-Fersini, Word Sense Discrimination: A gangplank algorithm

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CLIC2015-14 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-14)

Celli-Polonio, Facebook and the RealWorld: Correlations between Online and Offline Conversations

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CLIC2015-15 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-15)

Chiusaroli, La scrittura in emoji tra dizionario e traduzione

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CLIC2015-16 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-16)

Colavizza-Kaplan, On Mining Citations to Primary and Secondary Sources in Historiography

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CLIC2015-17 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-17)

Del Gratta-Frontini-Monachini et al., Visualising Italian Language Resources: a Snapshot

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CLIC2015-18 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-18)

Di Bari-Sharoff-Thomas, A manually-annotated Italian corpus for fine-grained sentiment analysis

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CLIC2015-19 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-19)

Di Caro-Boella-Ruggeri et al., From a Lexical to a Semantic Distributional Hypothesis

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CLIC2015-20 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-20)

Dragone-Lison, An Active Learning Approach to the Classification of Non-Sentential Utterances

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CLIC2015-21 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-21)

Esposito-Basile-Cutugno et al., The CompWHoB Corpus: Computational Construction, Annotation and Linguistic Analysis of the White House Press Briefings Corpus

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CLIC2015-22 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-22)

Fawi, Costituzione di un corpus giuridico parallelo italiano-arabo

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CLIC2015-23 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-23)

Fawi-Delmonte, Italian-Arabic domain terminology extraction from parallel corpora

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CLIC2015-24 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-24)

Feltracco-Jezek-Magnini et al., Annotating opposition among verb senses: a crowdsourcing experiment

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CLIC2015-25 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-25)

Filannino-Di Bari, Gold standard vs. silver standard: the case of dependency parsing for Italian

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CLIC2015-26 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-26)

Giusfredi, Phrase Structure and Ancient Anatolian languages. Methodology and challenges for a Luwian syntactic annotation

pdf 253.4 KB

CLIC2015-27 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-27)

Gregori-Ravelli-Panunzi, Linking dei contenuti multimediali tra ontologie multilingui: i verbi di azione tra IMAGACT e BabelNet

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CLIC2015-28 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-28)

Guarasci-Maisto, New wine in old wineskins: a morphology-based approach to translate medical terminology

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CLIC2015-29 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-29)

Guzzetta-Nanni, Computing, memory and writing: some reflections on an early experiment in digital literary studies

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CLIC2015-30 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-30)

Horsmann-Zesch, Effectiveness of Domain Adaptation Approaches for Social Media PoS Tagging

pdf 140.6 KB

CLIC2015-31 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-31)

Lai-Virone-Bosco et al., Building a Corpus on a Debate on Political Reform in Twitter

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CLIC2015-32 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-32)

Lyding-Généreux-Szabò et al., The OPATCH corpus platform – facing heterogeneous groups of texts and users

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CLIC2015-33 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-33)

Mazzei, Generare messaggi persuasivi per una dieta salutare

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CLIC2015-34 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-34)

Minard-Speranza-Sprugnoli et al., FacTA: Evaluation of Event Factuality and Temporal Anchoring

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CLIC2015-35 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-35)

Monti-Sangati-Arcan, TED-MWE: a bilingual parallel corpus with MWE annotation. Towards a methodology for annotating MWEs in parallel multilingual corpora

pdf 219.6 KB

CLIC2015-36 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-36)

Moretti-Sprugnoli-Tonelli, Digging in the Dirt: Extracting Keyphrases from Texts with KD

pdf 338.8 KB

CLIC2015-37 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-37)

Nissim-Castagnoli-Masini, Automatic extraction of Word Combinations from corpora: evaluating methods and benchmarks

pdf 607.9 KB

CLIC2015-38 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-38)

Ouafae-Marchi, Improved Written Arabic Word Parsing through Orthographic, Syntactic and Semantic constraints

pdf 420.1 KB

CLIC2015-39 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-39)

Passaro-Pollacci-Lenci, ItEM: A Vector Space Model to Bootstrap an Italian Emotive Lexicon

pdf 340 KB

CLIC2015-40 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-40)

Passarotti-Saavedra-Onambélé Manga, Somewhere between Valency Frames and Synsets. Comparing Latin Vallex and Latin WordNet

pdf 134.2 KB

CLIC2015-41 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-41)

Pelosi, SentIta and Doxa: Italian Databases and Tools for Sentiment Analysis Purposes

pdf 300.5 KB

CLIC2015-42 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-42)

Pierucci, Le scritture brevi dello storytelling: analisi di case studies di successo

pdf 175.3 KB

CLIC2015-43 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-43)

Richter-Cimino-Dell'Orletta et al., Tracking the Evolution of Written Language Competence: an NLP–based Approach

pdf 150.6 KB

CLIC2015-44 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-44)

Russo-De Felice, Learning Grasping Possibilities for Artifacts: Dimensions,Weights and Distributional Semantics

pdf 118.9 KB

CLIC2015-45 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-45)

Sanguinetti, Experimenting the use of catenae in Phrase-Based SMT

pdf 128 KB

CLIC2015-46 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-46)

Speranza-Minard, Cross-language projection of multilayer semantic annotation in the NewsReaderWikinews Italian Corpus (WItaC)

pdf 128.7 KB

CLIC2015-47 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-47)

Sprugnoli-Dell'Orletta-Caselli et al., Parsing Events: a New Perspective on Old Challenges

pdf 248.7 KB

CLIC2015-48 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-48)

Stehwien-Padó, Generalization in Native Language Identification: Learners versus Scientists

pdf 150.3 KB

CLIC2015-49 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-49)

Stepanov-Riccardi, Sentiment Polarity Classification with Low-level Discourse-based Features

pdf 140.3 KB

CLIC2015-50 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-50)

Stranisci-Bosco-Patti et al., Analyzing and annotating for sentiment analysis the socio-political debate on #labuonascuola

pdf 217.4 KB

CLIC2015-51 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-51)

Zamani-de Souza-Negri et al.,Reference-free and Confidence-independent Binary Quality Estimation for Automatic Speech Recognition

pdf 156.4 KB

CLIC2015-52 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLIC2015-52)