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Amra Salihbegović
Built Ideas Form, Space and Meaning
collana AAC – Arti | Architettura | Città studi, temi, ricerche
anno di pubblicazione 2023
pp. 320
ISBN cartaceo 9791255000419
ISBN pdf 9791255000426

How do architects generate form? What are the implications of the interdependence of form and space? Architectural practice, due to its complexity and plurality, urges an aesthetic inquiry into the totality of architectural work. This book proposes a theoretical and conceptual framework for an aesthetic evaluation, understanding, and analysis of architectural work. It intersects three essential themes: architectural expression as the prevalence of the meaning of form, the uniqueness of spatial qualities as the content of the architectural work, and aesthetic experience as the essence of architectural creation.
It aims to decipher the aesthetic ideal from a qualitative point of view and to reveal the reasoning behind the design approach, representing in that sense a link between the evaluation of the built design, and the clarification of the conceptual design. It intends to explain the built work from the creative process and to transform the conventional understanding of architecture from technical and technological perspectives, and economic, cultural, or social tendencies, through the aesthetic dissection of the correlation of form and space.
The book does not offer definite answers but aims to unfold and integrate the discourse on form and space interdependence, as the fundamentals of the discipline, into contemporary architecture.

“The Work of architecture […], in its singularity, excavated within, it takes on a universal breath.” Luciano Semerani

Amra Salihbegović (Zvornik, 1989) is an adjunct professor and a postdoctoral researcher at Politecnico di Milano, and an expert at the European Commission, with over a decade of teaching experience in architectural design at Politecnico di Milano, the University of Stuttgart, and the University of Sarajevo. She is the author of numerous international publications and co-organizer of conferences and student workshops.
Her research deals with the complexity and aesthetics of architectural design from the design process to the final built work, focusing on issues such as architectural expression and aesthetic experience to the interdependence between architectural form and space.

About the discipline Luciano Semerani


I. Form and space
Preconditions for the primacy of form and space. From aesthetics to architecture
Determinants of architectural form. From theory towards practice
Toward a conceptual framework of contemporary practice. A critical analysis of spatial design

II. Architectural expression
Architecture and symbolism. Question of architectural expression and its double articulation
Contemporary architectural expression. Delineation of a conceptual design

III. Heterotopia
Heterotopia and architecture. Otherness of spatial structures
Contemporary spaces. Outlines of heterotopic concepts

IV. Aesthetic experience
Primacy of aesthetic experience. The essence of architectural creation
Contemporary aesthetic experience. A sequence of spatial encounters



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