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EVALITA Proceedings of the Eighth Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Processing and Speech Tools for Italian Final Workshop Parma, Italy, September 7-8th, 2023
a cura di Mirko Lai, Stefano Menini, Marco Polignano, Valentina Russo, Rachele Sprugnoli, Giulia Venturi

collana Collana dell'Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale
anno di pubblicazione 2023
pp. 362
ISBN pdf 9791255000693

EVALITA 2023 is an initiative of AILC (Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale) and it is endorsed by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA) and the Italian Association for Speech Sciences (AISV). As in the previous editions (http://www.evalita.it/), EVALITA 2023 is organized along a set of selected tasks, which provide participants with opportunities to discuss and explore both emerging and traditional areas of Natural Language Processing and Speech for Italian. The participation is encouraged for teams working both in academic institutions and industrial organizations.

Mirko Lai (Università di Torino)
Stefano Menini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
Marco Polignano (Università di Bari Aldo Moro)
Valentina Russo (Logogramma SRL)
Rachele Sprugnoli (Università degli Studi di Parma)
Giulia Venturi (Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale “A. Zampolli” – CNR)

Lai - Menini - Polignano et al., Preface to the EVALITA 2023 Proceedings

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Lai - Menini - Polignano et al., EVALITA 2023: Overview of the 8th Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Processing and Speech Tools for Italian

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Gonzalo, Keynote Talk. Challenges for NLP shared tasks in the chatGPT era

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Hromei - Croce - Basile - Basili, ExtremITA at EVALITA 2023: Multi-Task Sustainable Scaling to Large Language Models at its Extreme

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EVALITA2023-01 0,00

Di Bonaventura - Muti - Stranisci, O-Dang at HODI and HaSpeeDe3: A Knowledge-Enhanced Approach to Homotransphobia and Hate Speech Detection in Italian

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EVALITA2023-02 0,00

Araque - Frenda - Sprugnoli et al., EMit at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Categorical Emotion Detection in Italian Social Media Task

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EVALITA2023-03 0,00

Calo' - Massafra - De Carolis et al., Emotion Hunters at EMit: Categorical Emotion Detection combining BERT and ChatGPT models (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-04 0,00

Cageggi - Di Rosa - Uboldi, App2Check at EMit: Large Language Models for Multilabel Emotion Classification (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-05 0,00

Ba Dai - Phuong Uyen - Van Thin, ABCD team at EMit: Ensemble Approach for Categorial Emotion Detection in Social Media Messages (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-06 0,00

Gafà - Cutugno - Venuti, EmotivITA at EVALITA2023: Overview of the Dimensional and Multidimensional Emotion Analysis Task

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EVALITA2023-07 0,00

Bulla - Mongiovì, ISTC-CNR at EmotivITA: Towards Better Dimensional and multi-dimensional Analysis of VAD Emotions (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-08 0,00

Russo - Jiménez-Zafra - García-Díaz et al., PoliticIT at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Political Ideology Detection in Italian Texts Task

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EVALITA2023-09 0,00

Cabrera-Pineda - Téllez - Miranda, INFOTEC-LaBD at PoliticIT: Political Ideology Detection in Italian Texts

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EVALITA2023-10 0,00

Pan - Almela - García-Sánchez, UMUTeam at PoliticIT-EVALITA2023: Evaluating Transformer Model for Detecting Political Ideology in Italian Texts (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-11 0,00

Çöltekin - Brivio - Can, Tübingen at PoliticIT: Exploring SVMs, Pretrained Language Models, and Linguistic Transfer for Ideology Detection in Social Media

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EVALITA2023-12 0,00

Rodríguez-García, URJC-Team at PoliticIT: Political Ideology Detection in Italian Texts Using Transformers Architectures (short paper)

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Ramponi - Casula, GeoLingIt at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Geolocation of Linguistic Variation in Italy Task

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Gallipoli - La Quatra - Cambrin et al., DANTE at GeoLingIt: Dialect-Aware Multi-Granularity Pre-training for Locating Tweets within Italy

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EVALITA2023-15 0,00

Labruna - Gallo, Galliz at GeoLingIt: Enhancing BERT with Vocabulary Knowledge for Predicting the Region of Language Varieties of Italy

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EVALITA2023-16 0,00

Koudounas - Giobergia - Benedetto et al., batti at GeoLingIt: Beyond Boundaries, Enhancing Geolocation Prediction and Dialect Classification on Social Media in Italy

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EVALITA2023-17 0,00

Salogni, Salogni at GeoLingIt: Geolocalization by Fine-tuning BERT (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-18 0,00

Alzetta - Brunato - Dell’Orletta et al., LangLearn at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Language Learning Development Task

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EVALITA2023-19 0,00

Wu - Lin - Jiang et al., BERT_4EVER at LangLearn: Language Development Assessment Model based on Sequential Information Attention Mechanism

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EVALITA2023-20 0,00

Barbini - Zanoli - Chesi, IUSS-NeTS at LangLearn: The role of morphosyntactic features in language development assessment

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EVALITA2023-21 0,00

Stemle - Tebaldini - Bonanni et al., bot.zen at LangLearn: regressing towards interpretability (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-22 0,00

Lai - Celli - Ramponi, et al., HaSpeeDe3 at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Political and Religious Hate Speech Detection task

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EVALITA2023-23 0,00

Siragusa - Pirrone, CHILab at HaSpeeDe3: Overview of the Taks A Textual (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-24 0,00

Hangya - Fraser, LMU at HaSpeeDe3: Multi-Dataset Training for Cross-Domain Hate Speech Detection

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EVALITA2023-25 0,00
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Grotti - Quick, BERTicelli at HaSpeeDe 3: Fine-tuning and Cross-validating Large Language Models for Hate Speech Detection

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EVALITA2023-26 0,00

Nozza - Cignarella - Damo, HODI at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the first Shared Task on Homotransphobia Detection in Italian

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EVALITA2023-27 0,00

Siragusa - Pirrone, CHILab at HODI: A minimalist approach (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-28 0,00

Ponnusamy - P. Kumar Kumaresan - K. Kumar Ponnusamy et al., Team_Tamil at HODI: Few-Shot Learning for Detecting Homotransphobia in Italian Language

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EVALITA2023-29 0,00

D. Locatelli - L. Locatelli, LCTs at HODI: Homotransphobic Speech Detection on Italian Tweets (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-30 0,00

Leonardelli - Casula, DH-FBK at HODI: Multi-Task Learning with Classifier Ensemble Agreement, Oversampling and Synthetic Data

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EVALITA2023-31 0,00

Bondielli - Dell’Oglio - Lenci, et al., MULTI-Fake-DetectiVE at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the MULTImodal Fake News Detection and VErification Task

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EVALITA2023-32 0,00

Sarkar - Tudu - Das, HIJLI-JU-CLEF at MULTI-Fake-DetectiVE: Multimodal Fake News Detection Using Deep Learning Approach (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-33 0,00

Puccetti - Esuli, AIMH at MULTI-Fake-DetectIVE: System Report (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-34 0,00

D’Amico - Napolitano - Vaiani et al., PoliTo at MULTI-Fake-DetectiVE: Improving FND-CLIP for Multimodal Italian Fake News Detection

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EVALITA2023-35 0,00

Russo - Stoehr - Horta Ribeiro, ACTI at EVALITA 2023: Automatic Conspiracy Theory Identification Task Overview (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-36 0,00

Vitali - Scotti - Carman, Vitali at ACTI – Transformer-based Conspiracy Theory Identification

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EVALITA2023-37 0,00

Paraschiv - Dascalu, UPB at ACTI: Detecting Conspiracies using fine tuned Sentence Transformers (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-38 0,00

Bianco - Salusso, sCambiaMenti at ACTI: Ensemble model with majority voting for Automatic Conspiracy Detection (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-39 0,00

Cignoni - Bucci, Cicognini at ACTI: Analysis of techniques for conspiracies individuation in Italian (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-40 0,00

Giobergia, Giobergia at Multi-Task Transformer Tuning for Joint Conspiracy Theory Detection and Classification

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EVALITA2023-41 0,00

Palmero Aprosio - Paccosi, NERMuD at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Named-Entities Recognition on Multi-Domain Documents Task (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-42 0,00

Altuna - Karunakaran - Lavelli et al., CLinkaRT at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Task on Linking a Lab Result to its Test Event in the Clinical Domain

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EVALITA2023-43 0,00

Micluța-Câmpeanu - Dinu, Simple Ideas at CLinkaRT: LeaNER and MeaNER Relation Extraction

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EVALITA2023-44 0,00

Torri - Ieva, Polimi at CLinkaRT: a Conditional Random Field vs a BERT-based approach

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EVALITA2023-45 0,00

Cassotti - Siciliani - Passaro et al., WiC-ITA at EVALITA2023: Overview of the EVALITA2023 Word-in-Context for ITAlian Task

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EVALITA2023-46 0,00

Periti - Dubossarsky, The Time-Embedding Travelers at WiC-ITA

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EVALITA2023-47 0,00

Gregori, LG at WiC-ITA: Exploring the relation between semantic distance and equivalence in translation. (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-48 0,00

Brunato - Colla - Dell’Orletta et al., DisCoTex at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Assessing DIScourse COherence in Italian TEXts task

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EVALITA2023-49 0,00

Zanoli - Barbini- Chesi, IUSSNets at DisCoTeX: A fine-tuned approach to coherence

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EVALITA2023-50 0,00

Galletti - Gravino - Prevedello, MPG at DisCoTeX: Predicting Text Coherence by Tree-based Modelling of Linguistic Features (short paper)

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EVALITA2023-51 0,00