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Images of Royalty in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Tradition and Modernity in Italy, Portugal and Spain
a cura di Isabel Corrêa da Silva, Pierangelo Gentile, Miguel Metelo de Seixas, Leonardo Mineo

collana Prospettive storiche. Studi e ricerche
anno di pubblicazione 2022
pp. 272
ISBN cartaceo 9791255000204
ISBN pdf 9791255000211

This volume aims to contribute to the contemporary debate on the history of monarchy. The images of the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese crowns in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are interpreted in accordance with classic historiographical interpretations and new methodological frontiers: roles, gender, interpretation; place, heritage and representation.


Part 1

Role, Gender and Interpretations

The Male Consort in Dispute. Ambiguities and Political Debate in the Iberian Context (1830-1840) David San Narciso

The Virtuous King and the Maiden Queen: the Public Image of Pedro V and Stephanie of Portugal Between Gender, Sexuality and Emotion Isabel Corrêa da Silva

National Honour and Monarchy in 19th Century Spain Raquel Sánchez

The Spanish Monarchy in the Presence of God: Religious Advocations in the Court of Isabella II (1833-1868) David Martínez Vilches

Maria Clotilde of Savoy-Bonaparte (1843-1911): Hagiographic Connotations in the Italian Monarchy Between the 19th and 20th Centuries Paolo Cozzo

New Perspectives on the Political Role of Maria Pia of Savoy, Queen of Portugal
(1862-1910) Maria Antónia Lopes

Monarchy and Fascism: Beyond Diarchy Denis Trapasso

Part 2

Places, Heritage and Representations The Myth and Representation of Emmanuel Philibert in the Dynastic-National Project of Charles Albert Silvia Cavicchioli

A Library for the Crown. Charles Albert of Savoy and the Foundation of the Biblioteca Reale of Turin Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni

Dynastic Caskets, Arsenals of Authority, Laboratories of History: Royal Court Archives in Sabaudian Nineteenth-Century Leonardo Mineo

Heraldry and the Dynastic Image of the Nineteenth Century Portuguese Monarchy: the Palace of Cidadela, at Cascais Miguel Metelo de Seixas

Savoy Symbols in the Italy of Victor Emmanuel III. The Decorations of the Racconigi Castle Staircase (1900-1906) and the Royal Train (1925-1929) Andrea Merlotti

Using, Reusing and Removing Statues of the Kings of the House of Savoy in the Squares of Italy Pierangelo Gentile