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Proceedings of the Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2020 1-3 March 2021, Bologna
a cura di Felice Dell'Orletta, Johanna Monti, Fabio Tamburini

collana Collana dell'Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale
anno di pubblicazione 2020
ISBN pdf 9791280136282
DOI 10.4000/books.aaccademia.8203

On behalf of the Program Committee, a very warm welcome to the Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLiC-it 2020). This edition of the conference is held in Bologna and organised by the University of Bologna. The CLiC-it conference series is an initiative of the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics (AILC) which, after six years of activity, has clearly established itself as the premier national forum for research and development in the fields of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, where leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry meet to share their research results, experiences, and challenges.

Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale “Antonio Zampolli”, CNR, Pisa
UniOr NLP Research Group, Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale
FICLIT, University of Bologna, Italy


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CLICIT2020-00 0,00
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Lenci, Distributional Semantics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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CLICIT2020-00-abstractAL 0,00
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Kopp, Interaction-aware multimodal dialogue with conversational agents

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CLICIT2020-00-abstractSK 0,00
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Hoste, Fine-grained sentiment analysis: a piece of cake?

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CLICIT2020-00-abstractVH 0,00
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Alzetta-Dell'Orletta-Montemagni-et al., Quantitative Linguistic Investigations across Universal Dependencies Treebanks

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CLICIT2020-03 0,00
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Bacco-Cimino-Paulon-et al., A Machine Learning approach for Sentiment Analysis for Italian Reviews in Healthcare

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CLICIT2020-04 0,00
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Balaraman-Magnini, Investigating Proactivity in Task-Oriented Dialogues

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CLICIT2020-05 0,00
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P. Basile-Caputo-Caselli-et al., A Diachronic Italian Corpus based on “L’Unità”

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CLICIT2020-06 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-06)

V. Basile, Domain Adaptation for Text Classification with Weird Embeddings

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CLICIT2020-07 0,00
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Bassignana-Nissim-Patti, Personal-ITY: A Novel YouTube-based Corpus for Personality Prediction in Italian

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CLICIT2020-08 0,00
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Benvenuti-Bolioli-Mazzei-et al., The “Corpus Anchise 320” and the analysis of conversations between healthcare workers and people with dementia

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CLICIT2020-09 0,00
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Biasion-Fabris-Silvello-et al., Gender Bias in Italian Word Embeddings

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CLICIT2020-10 0,00
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Brambilla-Croce-Tamburini-et al., Automatic Induction of FrameNet lexical units in Italian

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CLICIT2020-11 0,00
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Bucur-Dinu, Detecting Early Onset of Depression from Social Media Text using Learned Confidence Scores

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CLICIT2020-12 0,00
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Caligiore-Bosco-Mazzei, Building a Treebank in Universal Dependencies for Italian Sign Language

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CLICIT2020-13 0,00
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Cassotti-P. Basile-De Gemmis-et al., Analysis of lexical semantic changes in corpora with the Diachronic Engine

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CLICIT2020-14 0,00
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Casula-Tonelli, Hate Speech Detection with Machine-Translated Data: The Role of Annotation Scheme, Class Imbalance and Undersampling

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CLICIT2020-15 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-15)

Cecchini-Sprugnoli-Moretti-et al., UDante: First Steps Towards the Universal Dependencies Treebank of Dante’s Latin Works

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CLICIT2020-16 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-16)

Chiusaroli-Monti-Pierucci-et al., “Spotto la quarantena”: per una analisi dell’italiano scritto degli studenti universitari via social network in tempo di COVID-19

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CLICIT2020-17 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-17)

Chung-Tekiroğlu-Guerini, Italian Counter Narrative Generation to Fight Online Hate Speech

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CLICIT2020-18 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-18)

Coltrinari-Antinori-Celli, Surviving the Legal Jungle: Text Classification of Italian Laws in extremely Noisy conditions

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CLICIT2020-19 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-19)

Colucci-Ježek-Baisa, Clustering verbal Objects: manual and automatic procedures compared

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CLICIT2020-20 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-20)

De Mattei-Cafagna-Dell'Orletta-et al., GePpeTto Carves Italian into a Language Model

pdf 162.7 KB

CLICIT2020-21 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-21)

de Varda-Strapparava, Phonological Layers of Meaning: A Computational Exploration of Sound Iconicity

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CLICIT2020-22 0,00
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Di Lascio-Sanguinetti-Anselma-et al., Natural Language Generation in Dialogue Systems for Customer Care

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CLICIT2020-23 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-23)

Di Liello-Bonadiman-Moschitti-et al., Cross-Language Transformer Adaptation for Frequently Asked Questions

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CLICIT2020-24 0,00
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Di Nuovo-Bosco-Corino, How good are humans at Native Language Identification? A case study on Italian L2 writings

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CLICIT2020-25 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-25)

Ducret-Kruse-Martinez-et al., Linguistic Features in Automatic Sarcasm Detection

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CLICIT2020-26 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-26)

Favaro-Biffi-Montemagni, Risorse e strumenti per le varietà storiche dell’italiano: il progetto TrAVaSI

pdf 104.7 KB

CLICIT2020-27 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-27)

Fernicola-Zhang-Garcea-et al., AriEmozione: Identifying Emotions in Opera Verses

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CLICIT2020-28 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-28)

Ferro-Giulivi-Cappa, The AEREST Reading Database

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CLICIT2020-29 0,00
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Franzini-Zampedri-Passarotti-et al., Græcissare: Ancient Greek Loanwords in the LiLa Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin

pdf 295.9 KB

CLICIT2020-30 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-30)

Gagliardi-Gregori-Suozzi, L’impatto emotivo della comunicazione istituzionale durante la pandemia di COVID-19: uno studio di Twitter Sentiment Analysis

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CLICIT2020-31 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-31)

Gaido-Di Gangi-Negri-et al., On Knowledge Distillation for Direct Speech Translation

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CLICIT2020-32 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-32)

Gandolfi-Strapparava, Predicting Social Exclusion: A Study of Linguistic Ostracism in Social Networks

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CLICIT2020-33 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-33)

Gualdoni-Bernardi-Fernández-et al., Grounded and ungrounded referring expressions in human dialogues: Language mirrors different grounding conditions

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CLICIT2020-34 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-34)

Iavarone-Dell'Orletta, Predicting movie-elicited emotions from dialogue in screenplay text: A study on “Forrest Gump’’

pdf 178.3 KB

CLICIT2020-35 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-35)

Karakanta-Negri-Turchi, Point Break: Surfing Heterogeneous Data for Subtitle Segmentation

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CLICIT2020-36 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-36)

Lim-O’Brien-Onnis, How granularity of orthography-phonology mappings affect reading development: Evidence from a computational model of English word reading and spelling

pdf 338.7 KB

CLICIT2020-37 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-37)

Louvan-Magnini, Simple Data Augmentation for Multilingual NLU in Task Oriented Dialogue Systems

pdf 368.3 KB

CLICIT2020-38 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-38)

Magnini-Altuna-Lavelli-et al., The E3C Project:Collection and Annotation of a Multilingual Corpus of Clinical Cases

pdf 106.2 KB

CLICIT2020-39 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-39)

Manna-Pascucci-Punzi Zarino-et al., Monitoring Social Media to Identify Environmental Crimes through NLP. A preliminary study

pdf 198.2 KB

CLICIT2020-40 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-40)

Marzi-Rodella-Nadalini-et al., Does finger-tracking point to child reading strategies?

pdf 220.9 KB

CLICIT2020-41 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-41)

Masini-Micheli-Zaninello-et al., Multiword expressions we live by: a validated usage-based dataset from corpora of written Italian

pdf 109 KB

CLICIT2020-42 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-42)

Mattei-Brunato-Dell'Orletta, The Style of a Successful Story: a Computational Study on the Fanfiction Genre

pdf 168.7 KB

CLICIT2020-43 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-43)

Menini-Palmero Aprosio-Tonelli, A Multimodal Dataset of Images and Text to Study Abusive Language

pdf 125.2 KB

CLICIT2020-44 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-44)

Mensa-Marino-Colla-et al., A Resource for Detecting Misspellings and Denoising Medical Text Data

pdf 241.6 KB

CLICIT2020-45 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-45)

Miaschi-Alzetta-Brunato-et al., Is Neural Language Model Perplexity Related to Readability?

pdf 153 KB

CLICIT2020-46 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-46)

Miaschi-Sarti-Brunato-et al., Italian Transformers Under the Linguistic Lens

pdf 1.3 MB

CLICIT2020-47 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-47)

Muffo-Bertino, BERTino: an Italian DistilBERT model

pdf 142.3 KB

CLICIT2020-48 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-48)

Nolano-Carlino-di Buono-et al., ItaGLAM: A corpus of Cultural Communication on Twitter during the Pandemic

pdf 260.2 KB

CLICIT2020-49 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-49)

Oliveri-Ardito-Giuseppe-et al., Creativity Embedding: a vector to characterise and classify plausible triples in deep learning NLP models

pdf 375.1 KB

CLICIT2020-50 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-50)

Palmero Aprosio-Menini-Tonelli, The CREENDER Tool for Creating Multimodal Datasets of Images and Comments

pdf 764 KB

CLICIT2020-51 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-51)

Pellegrini-Cignarella, (Stem and Word) Predictability in Italian verb paradigms: An Entropy-Based Study Exploiting the New Resource LeFFI

pdf 175.9 KB

CLICIT2020-52 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-52)

Polignano-P. Basile-de Gemmis-et al., A deep learning model for the analysis of medical reports in ICD-10 clinical coding task

pdf 105.2 KB

CLICIT2020-53 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-53)

Ravelli-Origlia-Dell'Orletta, Exploring Attention in a Multimodal Corpus of Guided Tours

pdf 1.6 MB

CLICIT2020-54 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-54)

Rescigno-Vanmassenhove-Monti-et al., A Case Study of Natural Gender Phenomena in Translation. A Comparison of Google Translate, Bing Microsoft Translator and DeepL for English to Italian, French and Spanish

pdf 145.5 KB

CLICIT2020-55 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-55)

Roccabruna-Cervone-Riccardi, Multifunctional ISO standard Dialogue Act tagging in Italian

pdf 731.7 KB

CLICIT2020-56 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-56)

Romani-Ježek, Tracing Metonymic Relations in T-PAS: An Annotation Exercise on a Corpus-based Resource for Italian

pdf 504.7 KB

CLICIT2020-57 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-57)

Ruggiero-Gatt-Nissim, Datasets and Models for Authorship Attribution on Italian Personal Writings

pdf 134 KB

CLICIT2020-58 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-58)

Speranza-Manna-Di Buono, et al., The Archaeo-Term Project: Multilingual Terminology in Archaeology

pdf 161.9 KB

CLICIT2020-59 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-59)

Spillo-Musto-de Gemmis, Exploiting Distributional Semantics Models for Natural Language Context-aware Justifications for Recommender Systems

pdf 280.9 KB

CLICIT2020-60 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-60)

Sprugnoli, MultiEmotions-It: a New Dataset for Opinion Polarity and Emotion Analysis for Italian

pdf 100.6 KB

CLICIT2020-61 0,00
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Sucameli-Lenci-Magnini, et al., Becoming JILDA

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CLICIT2020-62 0,00
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Tamburini, How “BERTology” Changed the State-of-the-Art also for Italian NLP

pdf 119.2 KB

CLICIT2020-63 0,00
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Tavosanis-Papa, Valutazione umana di DeepL a livello di frase per le traduzioni di testi specialistici dall’inglese verso l’italiano

pdf 314.8 KB

CLICIT2020-64 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-64)

Testoni-Bernardi, Overprotective Training Environments Fall Short at Testing Time: Let Models Contribute to Their Own Training

pdf 403.7 KB

CLICIT2020-65 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-65)

Tripodi, Topic Modelling Games

pdf 568.4 KB

CLICIT2020-66 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-66)

Uva-Roberti-Moschitti, Dialog-based Help Desk through Automated Question Answering and Intent Detection

pdf 1.1 MB

CLICIT2020-67 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-67)

Vitale-Pelosi-Falco, #andràtuttobene: Images, Texts, Emojis and Geodata in a Sentiment Analysis Pipeline

pdf 370.8 KB

CLICIT2020-68 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-68)

Vassallo-Gabrieli-V. Basile-et al., Polarity Imbalance in Lexicon-based Sentiment Analysis

pdf 255.2 KB

CLICIT2020-69 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-69)

Wiechetek-Argese-Pirinen-et al., Suoidne-varra-bleahkka-mála-bihkka-senet-dielku ’hay-blood-ink-paint-tar-mustard-stain’ -Should compounds be lexicalized in NLP?

pdf 267.6 KB

CLICIT2020-70 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-70)

Can Yavuz, Analyses of Character Emotions in Dramatic Works by Using EmoLex Unigrams

pdf 550.2 KB

CLICIT2020-71 0,00
aggiungi al carrello (cod: CLICIT2020-71)