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EVALITA Evaluation of NLP and Speech Tools for Italian. Proceedings of the Final Workshop 12-13 December 2018, Turin
a cura di Tommaso Caselli, Nicole Novielli, Viviana Patti, Paolo Rosso

collana Collana dell'Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale
anno di pubblicazione 2018
pp. 281
ISBN pdf 9788831978422
DOI 10.4000/books.aaccademia.4421

EVALITA is a periodic evaluation campaign of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech tools for the Italian language.
The general objective of EVALITA is to promote the development of language and speech technologies for the Italian language, providing a shared framework where different systems and approaches can be evaluated in a consistent manner.
The diffusion of shared tasks and shared evaluation practices is a crucial step towards the development of resources and tools for NLP and speech sciences. The good response obtained by EVALITA, both in the number of participants and in the quality of results, showed that it is worth pursuing such goals for the Italian language.
As a side effect of the evaluation campaign, both training and test data are available to the scientific community as benchmarks for future improvements.
EVALITA is an initiative of the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics (AILC) and it is endorsed by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA) and the Italian Association for Speech Sciences (AISV).

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Groningen, The Netherlands
Dipartimento di Informatica. Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

Viviana Patti, University of Turin, Italy

PRHLT Research Center. Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Spain

Preface to the Evalita 2018 Proceedings

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Caselli-Novielli-Patti et al., Evalita 2018: Overview on the 6th Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Processing and Speech Tools for Italian

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Mohammad, The Search for Emotions, Creativity, and Fairness in Language

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P.Basile-V.Basile-Croce et al., Overview of the EVALITA 2018. Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis task (ABSITA)

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Ronzano-Barbieri-Pamungkas et al., Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Italian Emoji Prediction (ITAMoji) Task

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Cignarella-Frenda-Basile et al., Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Task on Irony Detection in Italian Tweets (IronITA)

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Dell’Orletta-Nissim, Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Cross-Genre Gender Prediction (GxG) Task

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P.Basile-Novielli, Overview of the Evalita 2018 itaLIan Speech acT labEliNg (iLISTEN) Task

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Cutugno-Di Maro-Falcone et al., Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Evaluation of Italian DIALogue systems (IDIAL) Task

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Fersini-Nozza-Rosso, Overview of the Evalita 2018 Task on Automatic Misogyny Identification (AMI)

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Bosco-Dell’Orletta-Poletto et al., Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Hate Speech Detection Task

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Basile-de Gemmis-Siciliani et al., Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Solving language games (NLP4FUN) Task

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Di Maro-Origlia-Cutugno, Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Spoken Utterances Guiding Chef’s Assistant Robots (SUGAR) Task

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Cimino-De Mattei-Dell’Orletta, Multi-task Learning in Deep Neural Networks at EVALITA 2018

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Delmonte, ItVENSES - A Symbolic System for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

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Di Rosa-Durante, Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis: X2Check at ABSITA 2018

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Nicola, Bidirectional Attentional LSTM for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis on Italian

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Bennici-Portocarrero, Ensemble of LSTMs for EVALITA 2018 Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis task (ABSITA

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EVALITA2018-17 0,00
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Anderson, Fully Convolutional Networks for Text Classification

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Di Sarli-Gallicchio-Micheli, ITAmoji 2018: Emoji Prediction via Tree Echo State Networks

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Siciliani-Girardi, The UNIBA System at the EVALITA 2018 Italian Emoji Prediction Task

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Coman-Nechaev-Zara, Predicting Emoji Exploiting Multimodal Data: FBK Participation in ITAmoji Task

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Bennici-Portocarrero, The validity of word vectors over the time for the EVALITA 2018 Emoji prediction task (ITAmoji).

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Santilli-Croce-Basili, A Kernel-based Approach for Irony and Sarcasm detection in Italian

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P.Basile-Semeraro, UNIBA - Integrating distributional semantics features in a supervised approach for detecting irony in Italian tweets

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Di Rosa-Durante, Irony detection in tweets: X2Check at Ironita 2018

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Giudice, Aspie96 at IronITA (EVALITA 2018): Irony Detection in Italian Tweets with Character-Level Convolutional RNN

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Ortega-Bueno-Pagola, UO_IRO: Linguistic informed deep-learning model for irony detection

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A.Basile-Dwyer-Rubagotti, CapetownMilanoTirana for GxG at Evalita2018. Simple n-gram based models perform well for gender prediction. Sometimes

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Croce-Basili, A Markovian Kernel-based Approach for itaLIan Speech acT labEliNg

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Shushkevich-Cardiff, Misogyny Detection and Classification in English Tweets: The Experience of the ITT Team

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EVALITA2018-30 0,00
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Frenda-Ghanem-Guzmán-Falcón et al., Automatic Expansion of Lexicons for Multilingual Misogyny Detection

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EVALITA2018-31 0,00
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Ahluwalia-Soni-Callow et al., Detecting Hate Speech Against Women in English Tweets

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EVALITA2018-32 0,00
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Pamungkas-Cignarella-V.Basile et al., Automatic Identification of Misogyny in English and Italian Tweets at EVALITA 2018 with a Multilingual Hate Lexicon

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A.Basile-Rubagotti, CrotoneMilano for AMI at Evalita2018. A performant, cross-lingual misogyny detection system

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Bakarov, Vector Space Models for Automatic Misogyny Identification

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Buscaldi, Tweetaneuse @ AMI EVALITA2018: Character-based Models for the Automatic Misogyny Identification Task

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Fortuna-Bonavita-Nunes, Merging datasets for hate speech classification in Italian.

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EVALITA2018-37 0,00
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Polignano-P.Basile, HanSEL: Italian Hate Speech detection through Ensemble Learning and D

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Corazza-Arslan-Menini et al., Comparing Different Supervised Approaches to Hate Speech Detection

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De la Peña Sarracén-Pons-Muñiz Cuza et al., Hate Speech Detection using Attention-based LSTM

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Santucci-Spina-Milani et al., Detecting Hate Speech for Italian Language in Social Medi

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EVALITA2018-41 0,00
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Bai-Merenda-Zaghi et al., Nissim RuG @ EVALITA 2018: Hate Speech Detection In Italian Social Media

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Bianchini-Ferri-Giorni, Text analysis for hate speech detection in Italian messages on Twitter and Facebook

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EVALITA2018-43 0,00
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Sangati-Pascucci-Monti, Exploiting Multiword Expressions to solve “La Ghigliottina”.

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EVALITA2018-44 0,00
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Squadrone, Computer challenges guillotine: how an artificial player can solve a complex language TV game with web data analysis

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EVALITA2018-45 0,00
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Magnolini-Balaraman,Guerini et al., The Perfect Recipe: Add SUGAR, Add Data

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